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We've created this FREE Meaty Success Roadmap to give you the answers to these important questions and challenges every Business Owner faces: 

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The E Learning Marketing Systems is the most powerful and dynamic do-it-yourself client attraction program ever created.

Confidential Online Business Assessment

Complete business analysis using our proprietary software to unlock the financial breakthroughs that exist throughout

your business – then prioritizes those breakthroughs so we focus on the areas that generate the fastest revenue growth

at the lowest cost, and in the shortest timeframe for your business.

Private E-Learning Business Academy

Our online business academy is your own private “online business advisor” – available to you 24/7/365. As we execute your business growth roadmap, you will need access to specific strategies, tactics, training and resources that are proven and tested to build successful and profitable businesses. This resource will teach you how to build a successful business so you never have to depend on others for your continued success.

Leads are the fuel of any business—the first point in the sales process. With an effective lead-generation process, you will dramatically increase your probability of success. But here’s the key to lead generation success – you MUST enter the conversation taking place in the head of your prospect. In these lessons, you'll discover how to generate all the leads you can handle.

  • Fundamentals
  • Strategies To Generate Leads
  • ​Tactics To Market Your Business and Generate Leads
  • Tactics To Market Your
  • Resources To Generate Leads Using "Done-For-You" Competition Crushing Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Case Studies To Show You How We’ve Marketed


The backbone of Jess Tiffany Consulting is what you are able to accomplish after you capture the lead.


Our Multi-channel follow up campaigns allow you to automate engaging follow ups and capture engaged responses from your leads.


Jess Tiffany Consulting allows you to connect with your leads through Phone Connect, Voicemail Drops, SMS/MMS, Emails, and even Facebook Messenger.


Our full featured mobile app allows you to communicate with your leads on all devices.

Lead Generation


Jess Tiffany Consulting is a Full Suite Platform for Agencies. Included in the Platform is a full featured Page Builder to capture leads.


Our intuitive platform allows you to create full featured websites with custom menus. Create high-performing and captivating landing pages all in one place!


Built right in is the ability to capture leads through Surveys and capture forms. You can integrate directly with our page builder or embed them on your own sites.


The major step for many business is to capture appointments and request appointments. We've built our own calendar application within HighLevel so you can capture the appointment all in one straightforward flow.

A Customized Marketing

Roadmap To Follow

Once we complete the diagnostic, we will literally

hand you a roadmap that outlines

everything you need to do… and in the

order you need to do it

we'll tell you where you need to start… the exact online video presentations you need to review

and the order with which to review them

we'll point out the forms you need to complete and show you exactly how to go about doing

that quickly and efficiently.

we'll literally take you by the hand and lead

you to success and wealth

World-Class, Step-By-Step Internet Marketing and

Business Building Content

Video Learning Modules

We have created a more powerful series of recorded business growth videos… chock full of examples featuring a multitude of businesses… so you can easily relate your business to one of the examples we highlight in each presentation

During the videos, we give you example after example after example to show you exactly how to take the information presented and actually apply it to your own business

Each video has its very own self-study workbook so you can take notes… reinforce the marketing and business growth information we'll expose you to… and use the online examples as templates

Unrestricted Access to Incredible Small Business Resource Library

Strategy Library - worth 100 times the price of membership, this library is a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece. How would you like to learn a strategy you can apply in less than 1 minute, costs you zero dollars to implement and is all but guaranteed to increase your revenue and profits by a minimum of 30%? Do you think you can't afford to market to your prospects using direct mail? Think again. We can teach you a strategy for mailing thousands of highly qualified prospects and actually put money IN your pocket every time you execute this strategy. These are just two of the twenty-six strategies we have waiting for you in our Strategy Library that will explode your bottom line revenue.

Advertising and Marketing Library - we've assembled 8 powerful, results-producing libraries to provide you with the tools, resources and support you need to generate leads, attract new clients, create competition-crushing marketing and develop million dollar messages. Inside this section are entire libraries filled with proven and tested ads and marketing collateral, elevator pitches, unique selling propositions (USP's), powerful sales letters, scripts and emails.

Email Library - finally… a total and complete library of emails that do it all… from generating new leads to attracting new clients to nurturing your clients with email autoresponders. This library provides you with the resources you need to create emails that compel your prospects to engage with you, and the autoresponder templates you can use to model your very own "competition-crushing" drip campaign.

Template Library - imagine having your own state-of-the-art graphic layout and design templates so you know specifically how to achieve top results from your marketing and advertising, website, landing pages, business cards, reports, etc. These templates allow you to create "competition-crushing" marketing in minutes, and it's as easy as paint-by-numbers…

Advertising and marketing templates


Business card

Elevator pitch

Revenue plan

Marketing schedule

Gap analysis

Marketing definitions

List of distribution channels, strategies and tactics

Headline Bank - more than 350 of the world's most powerful headlines that can jump-start your marketing and advertising copy. The Headline Bank gives you the unprecedented ability to write eye-catching headlines that transform browsers into buyers. These headlines make readers stop in their tracks, pay attention to every word of your copy, and click your "Add to Cart" button without a second thought.

Sample Letter Library - what if you could instantly learn the secrets used by the world's foremost copywriters and use their secrets to write sales letters that would flood your business with leads and sales? What if you could follow a simple, paint-by-numbers 9 step formula for writing sales letters that would practically force your prospects to buy from you on the spot? All of this awaits you in our Sample Letter Library, along with 59 of the most powerful, results-producing sales letters ever created. You can use all 59 as templates to create marketing that will out-sell your competition. These letters are responsible for driving millions of dollars in revenue to companies such as Newsweek, Time Magazine, Mercedes Benz, Mastercard and Timex.

Script Template Library - now you can create the perfect on-hold message, voice mail message and a receptionist script that transforms your receptionist from a glorified answering machine into a powerful salesperson and lead generator.

Professional Group Coaching

Every week we teach you marketing strategies and tactics that will generate as many leads for your business as you can handle and explain the best ways to convert those leads into paying clients.

The content for each weekly Group Coaching call is specifically designed to help provide a "transformational" experience for each business that applies the information. The result is a business with the ability to dominate their market.

This Is A Weekly Service Valued At $500.00 Per Month… Or $5,000 Annually When Paid In Full.

(Note: Qualified Small Businesses Can Apply For A $5,000 Grant To Cover This Cost In Full)

Weekly E-learning lessons sent directly to your email

Covers the latest and greatest strategies and tactics for marketing your business both online and offline

Topics help you to maximize your lead generation efforts and create a flood of new customers to the front door of your business… to the proper ways to skyrocket your revenue and profits through the use of Joint Venture partnerships

Each lesson is easy-to-follow and even easier-to-apply

We think you'll agree this is by far the most powerful client attraction and business growth program available anywhere on the planet.

The Only Thing Left For Us Was To Price It So That Any

Serious Small Business Owner Could Easily Afford it...

Even Financially Business Owners

So We Did Exactly That...

NO annual fee ✨

NO setup fee

NO registration fee✨

NO access fee

NO contracts to sign✨

NO long-term commitments

NO hassles✨

ONLY an easy-to-afford monthly payment program so you can get into the program… stay in the program… and give yourself the time you need to make a huge financial impact on your business and your life 📈

The entire E-Learning Marketing System

with all the resources, tools, support, videos, bonus content…

as well as direct access to us by either phone

or email is $197 per month. That's it!


Weekly Group Coaching

This program comes with an option to receive weekly Group Coaching from one of the top sales and marketing experts available today.

Every week we teach you marketing strategies and tactics that will generate as many leads for your business as you can handle and explain the best ways to convert those leads into paying clients.

This optional weekly service is available for an additional $500.00 Per Month

Option #2… $5,000 Annually When Paid In Full.

Plus... when you pay for Group Coaching in full, you also receive a lifetime $100 monthly membership discount. This lowers your monthly membership from $197 to $97.

URGENT!!!! We have just received approval from an entrepreneurial investment group to award small business grants in the amount of $5,000 to qualified small business owners on a monthly basis.

Our Group Coaching service is an approved program and qualifies for these grants.

If you're approved, your entire annual Group Coaching service will be paid in full, and you will still qualify for the $100 monthly discount as well.


Digital marketing All In One Automation Platform

That means you get full access

to everything in this program

for $197 per month... forever!

.... and receive Unlimited Access to your E-Learning System for Small Business Owners

But how do you know we're "the real deal?"

Let's be honest… right now you don't, unless you're familiar with our world-class reputation in the business growth community. But consider the information we have shared with you over the past 10 days. Seriously, have you ever received that kind of in-depth, cutting-edge content from anyone else… EVER?

It simply comes down to this. Anyone can say anything these days, and of course they do. Everyone will tell you they can help you build your business… or that they have the best products and services. We believe the proof lies in "RESULTS." Isn't that what you want for your business and your bottom line… RESULTS?

Check us out for yourself. We insist.

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Follow that roadmap to the letter

Complete the weekly lessons we will deliver to you by email

Contact us by email or phone with any problems you're having in your business.

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